Supply Chain

Capital Recovery Services operates an extensive network of distribution centers across North America, providing a comprehensive suite of Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment services. Our facilities offer diverse distribution and fulfillment services, encompassing Pick Pack, Mass Merchant Bulk Retail, OEM, E-commerce, and Value-Added Services.

We pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions tailored to the intricacies of even the most complex supply chains. Leveraging innovation and advanced equipment, we provide flexibility that aligns with our clients’ dynamic business needs. Our value-added services, including packaging, blending, kitting, repackaging, labeling, product customization, and inspection, ensure our clients can provide exceptional services to their customers.

Warehouse Services: Transportation

Our firm specializes in crafting custom, integrated transportation solutions. We excel in dedicated solutions that surpass the standard retail marketplace services. Whether it’s rail, ocean, over-the-road, dry bulk, spotting, or hazmat, our team collaborates with your organization to build a reliable transportation solution.

Warehouse Services: Manufacturing

Capital Recovery extends light manufacturing services to clients, enabling them to market products without the associated costs of raw materials or finished goods inventory. By consolidating manufacturing operations within the distribution center, clients eliminate costs related to product positioning in the marketplace. Our expertise includes assembly, extrusion, molding, and size reduction.

Warehouse Services: Technology

Our dedicated team ensures full supply chain visibility for clients. Through seamless integration with clients’ ERPs, we deploy various technologies supporting their distribution networks. This includes Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems, Transportation Operations Management, Freight Tendering, Web Site Reporting, Electronic Data Interchange, and RFID. Prioritizing safety, robust processes, and a substantial return on investment, we collaborate closely with clients during technology implementation.

Warehouse Services: Asset Management

Capital Recovery Services offers end-to-end asset management services. From construction and recommendation to sourcing, purchasing, and ownership, we manage assets for the benefit of our clients. This strategic approach enables clients to free working capital, redirecting it towards higher-profit objectives. As business models evolve, we adapt by investing in and reallocating assets to optimize logistic service models, eliminating underused assets within the supply chain.