About us
As a top-tier reverse logistics company, we excel in expertise, efficiency, and client satisfaction, setting industry standards.
At Capital Recovery Services, we are at the forefront of the reverse logistics industry, providing tailored solutions that redefine excellence. With a distinguished track record, our team excels in efficiently managing returns, optimizing product life cycles, and reducing environmental impact. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, offering a seamless experience that sets industry benchmarks.

Guided by innovation, transparency, and environmental stewardship, we push boundaries through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. Capital Recovery Services stands as a pioneer in the reverse logistics landscape, dedicated to delivering value and exceeding client expectations.

Our client-focused philosophy addresses the unique challenges businesses face in handling returns, excess inventory, and end-of-life products. Through tailored solutions, we ensure clients maximize asset value while upholding the highest industry standards.

As responsible corporate citizens, we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our eco-conscious practices, certified destruction services, and commitment to recycling contribute to fostering a greener, more circular economy.

Choose Capital Recovery Services as your reverse logistics partner, where expertise, innovation, and a genuine commitment to your success converge.

Safeguard and enrich the environment for future generations, recognizing ecosystems as vital for a healthy planet.
Acknowledge the essential role of ecosystems in maintaining a thriving planet, prioritizing their preservation.

Our Specialties

recycling Solutions
recycling Solutions
Eco-conscious recycling for sustainable waste management.
Asset Recovery
Asset Recovery
Efficient and strategic asset recovery solutions tailored to maximize value and minimize waste.
Driving sustainability through responsible practices and resource efficiency.
Unwavering commitment to transparency, ensuring openness, and trust in every interaction.

Building a Greener Future Our Three Sustained Characteristics

Innovation 100%
Transparency 100%
Environmental Stewardship 100%